Third Party Libraries

Third party libraries are an implementation of a feature for a mobile app that is not directly developed by the developer of the mobile app. Examples can include a game engine that is used in mobile app games such as Unity3d or libraries created by Facebook, Google, or Twitter that allow developers easy access to using their services.

Third Party Library Name Category No. of Apps Using This
Joelapenna Social networking service 19
Samsoft Content provider 19
Quipper Content provider 17
Sellaring Targeted ads 16
Kankan Ui component 16
Yuku Utility 15
Ximad Secondary market 13
Hamcrest Utility 13
Thehttpclient Utility 11
Zongfuscated Payment 8
Unwire Payment 8
Intuit Payment 8
Adpooh Targeted ads 8
Jdom Utility 7
Motorola Utility 7
Senddroid Targeted ads 6
Novell Development aid 6
Relaxng Utility 5
Min3d Utility 4
Lcrittercism Mobile analytics 4
Ocpsoft Utility 3
Afzkl Utility 3
Imagezoom Utility 2
Slf4j Utility 2
Apwidgets Utility 2
Sqllite Utility 1
Metalev Utility 1
Helllabs Utility 1
Achartengine Utility 1
Apache Utility 0