Third Party Libraries

Third party libraries are an implementation of a feature for a mobile app that is not directly developed by the developer of the mobile app. Examples can include a game engine that is used in mobile app games such as Unity3d or libraries created by Facebook, Google, or Twitter that allow developers easy access to using their services.

Third Party Library Name Category No. of Apps Using This
Adview Targeted ads 499
Wooboo Targeted ads 455
Fiksu Targeted ads 448
Rhythmnewmedia Targeted ads 443
Medialets Targeted ads 439
Twitterapime Social networking service 436
Adserver Targeted ads 358
Groovy Development aid 324
Admogo Targeted ads 312
Jcraft Utility 297
Restlet Utility 291
Htmlparser Utility 268
Kuguo Targeted ads 257
Widespace Targeted ads 250
Jakewharton Ui component 226
Push Utility 224
Ubikod Mobile analytics 217
Casee Targeted ads 211
Energysource Targeted ads 209
Utilities Utility 209
Wqmobile Targeted ads 207
Yicha Targeted ads 187
Wutka Utility 185
Mads Targeted ads 177
Kuad Targeted ads 174
Fortumo Payment 173
Skyhookwireless Utility 173
Adcenix Targeted ads 166
Winad Targeted ads 149
Openintents Game engine 142