Third Party Libraries

Third party libraries are an implementation of a feature for a mobile app that is not directly developed by the developer of the mobile app. Examples can include a game engine that is used in mobile app games such as Unity3d or libraries created by Facebook, Google, or Twitter that allow developers easy access to using their services.

Third Party Library Name Category No. of Apps Using This
Mobisage Targeted ads 964
Papaya Social gaming 953
Getjar Secondary market 943
Webtrends Mobile analytics 925
Cocos2d Game engine 914
Googlecode Development aid 913
Nullwire Utility 880
Inapp Utility 877
Livestream Content provider 851
Burstly Mobile analytics 837
Yume Targeted ads 823
Appmobi Targeted ads 822
Adchina Targeted ads 790
Rosaloves Utility 770
Noqoush Targeted ads 700
Jcifs Utility 698
Pjsip Utility 666
Ngigroup Targeted ads 664
Microsoft Utility 637
Jboss Utility 617
Opencv Utility 601
Everbadge Targeted ads 600
Madhouse Targeted ads 595
Eclipse Utility 589
Sonicnotify Targeted ads 586
Vdopia Targeted ads 564
Qwapi Targeted ads 562
Devsmart Ui component 559
Renren Social networking service 550
Suizong Targeted ads 502