Third Party Libraries

Third party libraries are an implementation of a feature for a mobile app that is not directly developed by the developer of the mobile app. Examples can include a game engine that is used in mobile app games such as Unity3d or libraries created by Facebook, Google, or Twitter that allow developers easy access to using their services.

Third Party Library Name Category No. of Apps Using This
Nbpcorp Targeted ads 1986
Dropbox Utility 1946
Bouncycastle Utility 1932
Socialize Social networking service 1890
Dom4j Utility 1848
Cauly Targeted ads 1688
Winterwell Social networking service 1679
Gamesalad Game engine 1674
Mocoplex Targeted ads 1610
Fedorvlasov Utility 1594
Alipay Payment 1575
Kenai Development aid 1566
Brightcove Content provider 1545
Commonsware Utility 1518
Leadbolt Targeted ads 1500
Ormma Targeted ads 1497
Logiagroup Content provider 1387
Fmod Utility 1384
Omniture Mobile analytics 1360
Greendroid Development aid 1314
Swarmconnect Targeted ads 1305
Ccil Utility 1258
Adwo Targeted ads 1234
Vpon Targeted ads 1224
Spongycastle Utility 1195
Iflytek Utility 1115
Ideaworks3d Utility 1082
Vervewireless Targeted ads 983
Xtify Targeted ads 965
Pontiflex Targeted ads 965