Third Party Libraries

Third party libraries are an implementation of a feature for a mobile app that is not directly developed by the developer of the mobile app. Examples can include a game engine that is used in mobile app games such as Unity3d or libraries created by Facebook, Google, or Twitter that allow developers easy access to using their services.

Third Party Library Name Category No. of Apps Using This
Admob Targeted ads 426062
Facebook Social networking service 208179
Flurry Mobile analytics 84004
Unity3d Game engine 78230
Twitter4j Social networking service 71277
Jsoup Utility 55829
Nostra13 Utility 54633
Chartboost Targeted ads 53419
Revmob Targeted ads 49493
Inmobi Targeted ads 44165
Millennialmedia Targeted ads 44035
Acra Utility 36266
Ksoap2 Utility 34784
Oauth Utility 33648
Paypal Payment 28500
Adobe Utility 28190
Qbiki Development aid 28163
Mopub Targeted ads 25722
Bugsense Utility 24670
Loopj Utility 23924
Applovin Targeted ads 20132
Phonegap Utility 19456
Biznessapps Development aid 19383
Smaato Targeted ads 18540
Codehaus Utility 18051
Amazon Utility 17340
Umeng Mobile analytics 16611
Kawa Utility 16228
Appbrain Utility 16089
Urbanairship Payment 15958