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Whopping Diggers

Whopping Diggers

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:


Huge diggers, monstrous dumpers and muddy tractors in color, in stereo and in motion! And they're all whopping and awesome!

Whopping Diggers is a very simple slideshow app / video book application for small kids and toddlers, containing lots of photos and videos about excavators, tractors, wheel loaders, dumpers, asphalt pavers etc. huge machinery. The app itself is VERY easy to use, so kids can manage with it all by themselves.

Nothing too complicated, just great audiovisual content for kids with easy-to-use-interface. All the Whopping Apps are meant for kids with an age of 1-4 or so, so don't expect anything more complicated than that. Beautiful photos with interesting and funny videos, that’s the formula.


✅ 100 photos with sound effects in some of them
✅ Total of 13 videos, featuring: diggers, loaders, tractors and other machinery.
✅ E-A-S-Y to use, just swiping along
✅ Updates coming regularly
✅ Over 1M downloads already for iOS!


❌ Random Internet pictures with non-kid-friendly content
❌ Impossible-to-use interface
❌ Menus and selections that confuses adults too
❌ Heavy data load for your data plan

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🌟🌟🌟 Built for kids, tested by kids, enjoyed by kids – and parents! 🌟🌟🌟
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