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Soccer Photo Frames

Soccer Photo Frames

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Apply Soccer Photo Frames to your photos.
Choose photo from gallery or take new photo with camera, then apply frame to photo.

The Soccer Game was an early football-management game, released by Wizard Games of Scotland in 1989. The player manages a football team in the English league....

**Always play with that in mind. Never play for your own glory, but for the whole team's sake. It's better to sacrifice some personal recognition and make sacrifices for the team.

**Always have a target. Hunt's quote above makes clear; the initial, most important start is to have a passion for the game.

=== FRAMES ===
Lionel Messi Photo Frame
Cristiano Ronaldo Photo Frame
Diego Maradona Photo Frame
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Photo Frame
Samuel Eto'o Photo Frame
Neymar Jr. Photo Frame
Landon Donovan Photo Frame
Mathieu Debuchy Photo Frame
Ronaldo Photo Frame
Tim Howard Photo Frame

=== HOW TO USE ===
+ Pick photo from gallery or take photo from camera
+ Apply cool effect to them.
+ After apply effect, you can save photos and set as wallpaper on Mobile screen or share them with your friends via facebook, twitter, g+, email, message...

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