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ANGRY SANTA (Angry Birds)

ANGRY SANTA (Angry Birds)

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

You can join the game, send a new level and we'll add it to the game with your autograph that it belongs to you as a participant of this project. Send your suggestions to hapmman@yandex.ru.
The game is made in the style of Angry Birds.
The new year is right around the corner, everyone is getting ready for the holiday. Children and adults are waiting for presents from Santa Claus. But here's the rub ... the kind and generous grandfather Santa Claus, on the eve of the beloved holiday, falls prey to thieves-the evil of forest gnomes who we trick him and steal all the presents. But it turns out you can help him. Task is to restore justice and in time put Santa stolen.
From the first level of the game you find yourself in amazingly bright, colorful atmosphere that for all 20 levels will be accompanied by a holiday mood and feeling of wonder, that certainly will add you not a little excitement and joy, and these feelings will grow with each new level, which is more and more difficult. You need all of your logic and strategic thinking to get this puzzle. The game itself falls under the category of shooters (the game is made in the style of Angry Birds). Plus, the game is easy to operate, that brings her to the arcade games and gives the possibility to enjoy playing the most undemanding gamers.
(*) Any similarities with games of "Angry Birds", "Cut the Rope" as well as "where's My Water" is coincidental. "Angry Birds" is a trademark of the company «Rovio Studios, Inc. "," Cut the Rope "–" Zeptolab "and" where's My Water "-" Disney Enterprises, Inc., respectively. This is the most famous and popular games.
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