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Gym App training diary

Gym App training diary

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

The workout log GymApp is perfect for both practicing at home and in the gym.

• If you are a beginner and just starting to engage, with the help of gymapp will be able to master a variety of exercises for any muscle group, to study technique, to create any program that will offer your fitness coach or yourself, and most importantly will acquire the habit of constantly record the results in a diary.
• If you're already an old hand, and rocking chair for you home and you managed to gain no pounds of muscle and get relief, but the words workout and powerlifting for you are not empty sounds, with the help of gymapp you will be able to experiment in creating their own training programs, using the diary entries to provide a stable training progress, and a huge database of exercises might leave you open to a new movement which will help to shock the hardcore accustomed to stress the body.
• And even if the basis of your program is a simple but ingenious horizontal bar and parallel bars, or you're a fan of crossfit, gymapp will help to organize numerous approaches and will retain a history of all achievements and records.
• A diverse Arsenal of exercises using various equipment: barbell, dumbbells, your own weight, machines, exercise ball, weights.
• The exercises are divided into groups: neck, shoulders, chest, legs, back, biceps, triceps, abs.

As simple and concise interface make the work with the diary fast and easy, what becomes very important when you have to record the results of shaking hands in the pauses between approaches.
Just take the phone with you to the gym!!!

The application includes all necessary functions:
✓ Huge database of exercises with descriptions in Russian and photos
✓ A variety of training programs and creation of custom exercises
✓ History of workouts with the ability to edit and view the calendar
✓ Backup in the cloud or on flash drives.
✓ View statistical information on results of training.

Gym App will help you succeed in any fitness discipline, whether it's a classic fitness, powerlifting, bodybuilding, crossfit, bodybuilding, or just drying and burning fat.

Upgrade your bench press, squat or deadlift with our app!

All of the exercises on different muscles grouped:

Built-in training programs will help you achieve your goals:
• to build muscle;
• increase endurance;
• improve muscle tone;
• pull the figure;
• to lose weight;
• control weight;
• to build a press;
• pump up the ass;
• to pump up your biceps;
• to relieve the stomach;
• to lose weight girl and the guy;
• to pump up mass and gain weight;
• strengthen health.

On all questions arising questions write us in the contact group (go to the developer website below in the section "further information") or by email (also listed in section "Additional information").

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