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Western Bar

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App Description

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* Developer Comment
I do not know English very well. please note that even if the sentence is awkward. and wow.. i was really surprised when many people know that memories for a this Western bar. this app is lacking in some ways, but if you can enjoy the fun, then i will be glad too. :)

* Game Description
This android app is "Casio Western Bar" remake version.
If someone have 80s handheld video game memories, this apps can give to you childhood memories.

Original Western Bar game published in 1984.
I tried hard for original game gui, sounds, and game patterns.

* Feature
- original game sound, gui, pattern support
- 3 level of difficulty
- vibration function
- new colored background image

* Manual
1. points
- one item hit : 10 point
- two item hit : 50 point
- three item hit : 100 point
- player life : 50 point x remaining number of players life
- hit boss : 50 point
- no damage : 200 point(each levels)

2. description
1) total number of stage is 10.
2) each stage has three levels.
- level 1 : has only three type items thrown by the bartender.
- level 2 : three type items and dynamite.(It comes fly off the one-way)
- level 3 : three type items and dynamite.(It will come flying back by bartender)
3) when you hit certain items, then "wanted man" is appearance.
the wanted man appearance conditions is below.
- easy : 15 items hit.
- medium(classic) : 25 items hit.
- hard : 35 items hit.
4) if you may exactly shoot "wanted man", then will be go next stage.
go to next stage condition is below.
- easy : 2 hits.
- meduim(classic) : 3 hits.
- hard : 4 hits.
5) stage increases, or higher the game of difficulty, the game pattern will be faster.
6) you damaged by guest throwing item, or boss gun fire, or shoot dynamite in three times, then game is over.
7) every battle with wanted man after player damage will be reset.

3. playing tip
1) if you possible, hit multiple items at once.
2) avoid shoot in dynamite position.
3) an explosion of dynamite on the ground after a certain period of time, so do not be in a hurry.
4) do not shoot the gun in the direction of the head of the guests.
if you shoot a gun, the guests are throw things on table or apple.
5) while an battle of the wanted man, timing is most important. don't shoot the gun first, you need to patience.
table in the middle of the battle, just the same as a shield to you.
so, care must be taken when all the tables have been destroyed.
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