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Shopping list pro

Shopping list pro

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

"Shopping list pro" is a stylish tool which helps making shopping more efficient, without producing crumpled pieces of paper in your pocket.

This app version is sponsored by apponsor.
To register for the sponsor newsletter, extended rights are necessary. Only on sucessfull newsletter registration, personal data is transfered.
apponsor makes sure that only encrypted data is transfered and only to the registered sponsor.
apponsor is available in germany, austria and swiss. This version of the app is a mixed financed app by apponsor and in app advertising.
Out side apponsor supported countries, in app advertising will be shown. No personal data is then transfered.
For further informations about apponsor please visit www.apponsor.com

When developing "Shopping list pro" a special interest on usability was placed. Minimizing the efforts of a shopping process as much as possible, with only a few movements of your finger tips.

If the free "Barcode scanner" app is installed on your device, you can easily add products to your active list by scanning the barcode or you can check out products when shopping by scanning the barcode, too.

The biggest advantage of the app is, that you can add several barcodes to one product. By which the product "Milk" can be connected to the barcodes of the "Milk" from vendor X and from vendor Y, without adding a lot of product entries.

If something went wrong you can fix this with the handy products database, by which you get access to all products. Where you can edit or delete products if needed.

Sensitive Permissions Used By This App
Permission What Why
Full network access Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for internal use within the app's functionality
Read your contacts Can read user's contact list (phone book) and phone call history Internal
Read your own contact card Allows the app to read personal profile information stored on your device, such as your name and contact information. This means the app can identify you and may send your profile information to others. Not analyzed yet
Read phone status and identity Can read phone's current state information like in-phone call, phone signal, carrier, device ID, and phone number Not analyzed yet
Modify or delete the contents of your usb storage Can write to your phone's USB storage Not analyzed yet
Find accounts on the device Can use user's account information stored on the phone Not analyzed yet
Modify your contacts Can edit contacts on device Not analyzed yet

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You can see more information about how we grade apps in our FAQ.

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