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Pixel Puzzle

Pixel Puzzle

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Jump into a colorful puzzle adventure with the Pixel Parrot. Fly around the world to find his friends. You’re his only hope!

In Pixel Puzzle you puzzle yourself around the world. You travel across 25 different countries and make 100 unique puzzles. The more puzzles you complete, the better you help the Pixel Parrot!

Pixel Puzzle

- is really addictive,
- trains your brain,
- contains 100 fantastic puzzles in 25 countries,
- lets you find 5 pixel pals,
- has a unique soundtrack
- and many more things to discover!

Every puzzle is made of pixels, each puzzle gets harder to complete. Before you start the puzzle, you see the picture a couple of seconds. After that, you must puzzle the picture as fast as possible! The faster you complete the puzzles, the more stars you earn.

Pixel Puzzle is not a standard puzzle game, you change the colors of the pixels by tapping them. But watch out, when you tap too fast, you end up with the wrong color. If you forget the picture you can surely watch it again, but it will cost you some time!

Pixel Puzzle is a production by Our Creations. Our Creations is an initiative which creates webcreations. We will ensure that our productions will be qualitative and that they will be substantiated. We're six students with various backgrounds in areas such as computer science, construction, graphic design and communication. This is why we can offer a range of specialties in our creations.

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