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Steering wheel for PC (demo)

Steering wheel for PC (demo)

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Control your pc racing games by turning the smartphone or tablet. Accelerate, brake, switch gears with simple gestures. Use assigned keys for special functions of your game.

Both DirectX games and online games as well as conventional PC games are supported.

Unlike with conventional hardware steering wheels, nothing has to be configured in the game itself.

If the connection via WIFI does not work or you don't want to install any software on the PC, we also have a solution via a Bluetooth Dongle in the program:

We support the following games with predefined layouts at present:

- Need for Speed
- Richard Burns Ralley
- Formula 1
- TackMania & TackMania2
- Burnout
- FlatOut
- Crashday
- rFactor
- Ski Challenge

If your game is not listed, please compare even if the layout of another game is suitable. The key assignment of each game can be looked up in the "manual Steering Wheel" on the homepage:

There is an additional layout for online games that allows for the control of browser games as well.

The steering is done by turning the Android, O.K.
You have the option of accelerating and braking digitally by pressing the display with the right or left thumb.

Furthermore, there is the option of analog control by moving a controller with the right thumb.

If both the user and the game know how to switch gears manually, it is done by swiping up and down with the left thumb.

The view direction can be changed with special gestures.

Other special functions, e.g. hand brake, shooting, camera change, Nitro, etc., can be triggered by specially assigned keys.

Always test the volume keys of your smartphone. They have been set differently for each game, e.g. instructions of the copilot louder/softer, call for help after an accident, etc.

The connection to your Microsoft Windows computer is done via WLAN/WiFi.
PC and Smartphone must be in the same WiFi network.

In order to use the app, a corresponding receive program has to be installed on your computer. On your Microsoft Windows PC, go to: www.dirtyhand.me

System requirements on the PC:
- Windows 98 / Me / XP/ Vista / 7 / 8 (32 / 64 Bit)

Note: The app supports the games as they are delivered from the manufacturers. The key assignment may not be changed. As input device you have to select "keyboard" (not "wheel" or "analog input device").

Since the steering wheel simulates a keyboard, it will not be recognized as a device while playing. That is not necessary.

Racing Wheel

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