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Touch Touch Magic Battle

Touch Touch Magic Battle

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Fantasy Arcade Game

Be the hero of a Fantasy World!
Defense your self from arrow, swords and magic attacks flying towards you
Focus and draw your Mana Gauge to give a Magic Blow!

1. Story Mode
60 Interesting Stages
How did Mika and her friends got to meet? Are they enemies?
Here's a fast way to win : TUTORIALS!
Unlock new characeters as the story goes on.
Who's still playing only with Mika?

2. Battle Mode
Battle with your friends near you through Bluetooth
Can you defend yourself from your friends' magic attacks?
Try new Characters : Karin, Harold, Martin and Alfred!(Character Purchase will updated in Jan. 2013)

3. Infinity Mode
Story Mode is boring? Try Infinity Mode without scripts!
No endings! But if you are beaten, should re-start from stage 0
Character change and wearing items will make you a great winner!

4. Story / Character
5 Characters : Mika, Karin, Harold, Martin and Alfred
Enjoy your battles with 50 effective items!
Reinforce your special skills upto Level 11
Skill Reinforce does not satisfy you? Strengthen your swords and armors!

5. Golds
Earn your golds for a batter battle!
Get them in game plays!
Notice to impatient users : Push Button on the right-upper corner and follow the steps!
Buy a lot, we will give you a lot more!

6. Bug Reporting, Q&A

-Email: appstore@broadcon.co.kr
-Homepage: www.broadcon.net
-Twitter: @broadcon
-Facebook: www.facebook.com/broadconhc

Sensitive Permissions Used By This App
Permission What Why
Full network access Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for internal use within the app's functionality
Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for mobile analytics
Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for social gaming
Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for targeted advertising
Pair with bluetooth devices Can connect to user's Bluetooth devices Internal
Read phone status and identity Can read phone's current state information like in-phone call, phone signal, carrier, device ID, and phone number It appears this app uses this data to identify users for market/customer analysis
Disable your screen lock Allows applications to disable the keyguard if it is not secure. Not analyzed yet
Modify or delete the contents of your usb storage Can write to your phone's USB storage Not analyzed yet
Read your contacts Can read user's contact list (phone book) and phone call history Not analyzed yet
Access bluetooth settings Allows applications to discover and pair bluetooth devices. Not analyzed yet
Read call log Can read your device’s call log, including incoming and outgoing calls Not analyzed yet
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