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Siren Fantasia [Puzzle RPG]

Siren Fantasia [Puzzle RPG]

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

The wait is over!! The hottest new Fantasy Puzzle RPG

 has arrived on Android!

"When the seal of Spellbooks came undone, the gears of grand, magical adventure began to turn!"
Siren Fantasia tells the story of a distant future, long after modern civilization has crumbled. In a world where magic has been reborn, players cooperates with friends to bravely explore it and, by borrowing the powers of the magical Spellbooks, battle against powerful monsters like dragons, demons, cute characters, sexy women, and handsome magicians, in this free, no registration required, fantasy card puzzle RPG.

Key Features:
■ Battle using exciting rotating puzzles!
Create exhilarating chains with surprising ease in this simple touch-based puzzle game!
Turn the cards round and round, and clear your way through more dungeon battles!

■Fight monsters in a combined Puzzle+RPG setup!
If you eliminate 3 or more lithographic picture blocks of the same color, the Spellbooks and monsters of your allies will attack the enemy!
Utilize your skills in the optimum way and kill the enemy with combinations!

■Customize your party with the Spellbooks and monsters you get!
Take home the Spellbooks you find in the dungeons, and receive new Spellbooks!
Combine your favorite maidens and monsters, and create your very own, original party!
You can get 
Spellbooks and monsters not only in the dungeons but through the "Summon" as well!

■ Collect and train your Spellbook!
Upgrade your Spellbooks through Enhancement and Evolution by leveling them up!
Evolved Spellbooks are continuously added to your Spellbook case, so purists seeking a challenge will find plenty to love!

■ Cooperate Social Friends!
Make a party with your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, and family!
Invite friends to make a deck using libraries of different elements, and continue the challenge with an ultimate, heroic team!
Have even more fun by connecting to your favorite social network!
If you connect using an SNS (Facebook or Google+), there are many advantages, such as being able to see your friends' game progress on the map, or getting "Friend Points" that allow you to play the "Summon" more easily!!

■The "Monster Dungeon" is open!
If you clear up to a certain level of dungeon, the Monster Dungeon - in which only special monsters appear - will open!
Organize your favorite Spellbooks and monsters and throw down the gauntlet!

■ Daily Dungeons appear in MAP!
Special daily dungeons appear in MAP! A great chance to get evolution material Spellbook!!

■The Guerilla Dungeon appears a few times everyday!
Get Spellbooks you can use for Enhancement, that enable you to gain experience points more easily!
You can get different genres of Spellbooks everyday, so be sure to check frequently!

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