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Solitaire Poker Game

Solitaire Poker Game

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

A solitaire collection with all the best & most popular games:

You can enjoy this Solitaire poker game to bring you fun, but also can be a good exercise your thinking ability.

Key Features:
* NEW Gameplay Hints
* Tap-to-move & Quick move
* Find your favorites easily with great Game Sorting Options
* Background music control
* Smoother gameplay
* Improved user interface

How to play:
Create a stack of cards in four recovery unit, each stack has 13 cards, and have the same type. Each stack of cards must be arranged in ascending (A) to (K) in the order.

Playing area
This card game using only a deck of cards, a total of 52 cards face up, lined up eight. By moving cards in these eight lines to create four stack card.

The four unit in the upper left corner are temporary unit, you can temporarily put the card in there.
The upper right corner of the four "recovery unit" in which to build a winning card stack.

Game skills
* Drag the card from the bottom of each column, moving in accordance with the following ways:
* From column to an available unit. Each of the available units can only put a card.
* From column to column (or from the available unit to columns). Descending order column must put the card, and alternating red and black colors.
* From the column to the collecting unit. Each stack of cards must be of the same suit and start from A.

So many fun and unique varieties of solitaire & patience with more added all the time. Many you won't find anywhere else! This is the best free solitaire app on the market and it just keeps getting better!

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