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Math Game - Brain Workout

Math Game - Brain Workout

App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Keep Your Brain Active! Use it or lose it.


Sharpen Your Brain with this brain training game that will analyze your memory, concentration, reaction and accuracy abilities.

Test your brain in mathematics.

With MILLIONS of worldwide downloads, your brain will love Math Game - Brain Workout.

► Inspired by Kumon
► Compete in the World Challenge
► Fly the Math Blaster
► Fun for all ages
► Helps keep you sharp

This version is FREE and is supported by ads.

This game "Math Game - Brain Workout" is a maths based game but not like other games. "Math Game - Brain Workout" is a direct mental calculation test and training. After playing this game - Math Game - Brain Workout, you gonna be better with calcul and maths.

To have a good score, a good play, you have to be focus in the challenge, concentrated. Focus your brain, keep your mental sharp, and you will be the best for memory calcul.

"Math Game - Brain Workout" is the best mental calculation trainer you can find. There is no way to have a batter training.

"Math Game - Brain Workout" is a game for everyone, for school, preschool, graduate, preparing gmat, high school.

With "Math Game - Brain Workout" you will be the best in mathematics. Numbers will be your friend.

Maths will not be anymore a riddle for you. Riddles ? AHAH : Maths is not your friend.

With the Google Play Game Service, you can watch the worldwide leaderboard and see who is the best. It's not the fortune, not yet Holiwood but near :) And compare your score with your Google + (or Google Plus) friends.

Want to learn mental calculation? Want a challenge ? Learning afraid you but you love playing mathematics games?

"Math Game - Brain Workout" is for you !

With the Google Play Game Service, you have access to the worldwide Achievement list. And compare your achievements with your Google + (or Google Plus) friends.

You just need a little mind logic. That's it. Just logical, speed, smart and ... smooth :^p And you will keep your heads up! Have a heads up? It's the best thing in the world!

No matter the weather, good weather, bad weather, dark sky, blue sky, sunshine ... this game - "Math Game - Brain Workout" - will be you best friend for this summer. Don't go in holidays without "Math Game - Brain Workout". It's indispensable for you life, and the life, with the game ... is the more important :)

I hate geometry too, I just love mental calculation, so here no geometry, no trigonometry, just a little algebra and calculation.

If you have a good answer, you will heard a good buzz song / music. If not, you will be smash.

Tap the good button, and you have it, the wrong, smash it

You have a white tile with the question, the other tiles are the answers. One tile answer is good, always white.

If your answer is false, the screen will be splash red, if not, splash green. Is nothing : black. The dark side of the game lol.

You don't have to use the keyboard, no keyboard here, just tap tap the screen.

In fact, it's a survival game. Mathematical survival game. Run to home and play to this game. This game is available on iOs (iPhone iPad iPod Touch) and Mac OSX. You're of course playing with the Android version.

It's just a 3 colors game. We love to be simple with color. It's a luminosity or lumosity light.

No need to translate this game, there is no need for words. No word, just numbers. Number is your friend. Numbers are your friends. Repeat it :D

It's a sort of urban trial for maths.

Good luck !

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