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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

What is this?
Mindclash is a round-based 2D fighting game available for android devices. In each fight, two teams face each other in an epic battle for honor and glory (or your co-workers meal). Each team consists of up to nine characters. By using offensive or defensive spells, teams will fight each other until the enemy team is defeated.
The roleplayers among us know the typical hit point and mana system, but for those who don't - here's a short explanation:
Hit points (HP) are the health of a character. If the player drops below 0 hit points he's dead. You lose hit points by getting attacked by an opponent. Spells cost mana. You can only cast a spell as long as you’ve got enough mana for it.

Fight your friends using your MIND!
You may have wondered why this game is called Mindclash. The reason is the awesome feature of controlling the game with your MIND. If you own the NeuroSky Mindwave device, you can deal damage depending on your concentration and heal yourself depending on your relaxation.
Don't worry if you don't own a Mindwave device, you can still play the game – damage and healing done is being calculated using a random factor.

Game modes
There are 3 game modes available (only 2 if you don't own two Mindwave devices): Singleplayer, the “Duell” and the “Brainduell”

In singleplayer mode you can create your own custom character by selecting gender, race, class and name (see below for more information about races and classes). Throughout history your character will get stronger and learn new spells - depending on the class you choose.
A little hint: There are a lot more spells available in singleplayer than in “Dduell” mode.

A Duell is a direct confrontation between two teams where the second team is either controlled by the computer or controlled by a second human player using the same device.
If you want to start a fast game against the computer you can use the "Quickstart" button.

This mode is only available if you have two Mindwave devices at your disposal.
Brainduell is comparable to arm wrestling, with the small difference that you and your friend don't compare your biceps, you compare concentration or relaxation.
Every second, the devices deliver your concentration/relaxation values. The measured values get compared to each other. The bigger the delta between them, the faster the game ends.

Races and classes
Now that this is made clear I'll go ahead and tell you about the races and classes available in this game.
There are 4 races.You could either play Darkelf, Human, Ork or Skeleton.
The class you choose defines the spells you can use. There are 6 classes available:
- Hunter: A squishy damage dealer hitting either one or up to 3 targets
- Mage: A squishy damage dealer hitting either one or up to 5 targets
- Paladin: A tanky damage dealer, but a healer as well
- Priest: A squishy healer that has the ability to revive dead allies
- Thief: A squishy damage dealer hitting one target or hiding allies making them untargetable for enemy spells
- Warrior: A tanky damage dealer hitting up to 3 targets or shielding himself

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Sound Effects

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Modify or delete the contents of your usb storage Can write to your phone's USB storage Not analyzed yet
Access bluetooth settings Allows applications to discover and pair bluetooth devices. Not analyzed yet

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