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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Welcome to Hash-a-Gram!

Hash-a-Gram is designed to be your companion when it comes to posting Hashtags to Instagram to get Likes.

This is the free version of Hash-a-Gram. You are able to use most of the hashtag lists and able to save an unlimited amount of your own lists. You are however restricted from the "PRO Lists" which are exclusive to users who buy the Pro version of Hash-a-Gram.

More on the Pro version: Hash-a-Gram (PRO) includes the most liked lists of hashtags called "PRO Lists". With these lists you will notice a substantial amount of added likes to your photos. One of our Pro users said he was averaging 300 likes. "Wooo! Averaging 300 likes because of this app :)" -Kris (PRO User)

We know since we have published Hash-a-Gram others have tried to copy our idea. Here is why Hash-a-Gram is different:
-We base our app into two categories, Hashtag lists that you create and save, and preloaded hashtag lists
-We keep posting this lists as simple as a long press on a list
-We have a clean AD FREE user interface that keeps Hash-a-Gram a nice companion with Instagram
-We update regularly with newest and latest lists that we add to your app

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns please email us at: syncrobyte@gmail.com

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