Noom Coach: Health & Weight

Noom Coach: Health & Weight

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App Description

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Any program can tell you to eat less and move more. Noom explores the deep-rooted thoughts, triggers, and habits that influence these behaviors to help you lose weight and stay healthy for life!

Take the leap from knowing what you need to do to get healthy to actually doing something about it with the help of a dedicated Noom coach. Your coach will guide you through a personalized course tailored to your specific health goals and provide you with support and accountability along the way. .

Our users lose over 18 pounds in just 16 weeks!

Learn how to navigate your environment, challenge your thoughts, master your triggers, and overcome any barrier that might come your way.
Whether it's emotional eating, cravings at mid-day, difficulty with social eating, or a sweet tooth, Noom's scientifically backed-solution will help you create a plan to overcome any obstacle and practice healthier habits until you've mastered them!

At the tip of your fingers, Noom gives you access to:
- A daily plan with easy to follow tasks
- A large food database including popular restaurants and international cuisine
- An award-winning, battery-friendly pedometer to count your steps
- Tools to track your weight, food, exercise, blood pressure, and blood sugar all in one place
- Personalized feedback on your food choices and progress to help you reach your goals

Practice breaking bad habits and building healthy ones for a healthier you -- for life!
Featured as one of Dr. Oz’s favorite apps and in the New York Times, Women’s Health, Shape, Forbes, ABC and more, we've already helped over 45 million people worldwide build health habits and achieve their health goals.

Our team of doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, and personal trainers have created a new course that takes the most effective behavior change research and techniques and delivers them to you in daily bite-size articles and interactive challenges to teach you the skills you need to improve your health.

Try out our most popular 16-week Healthy Weight course to help you lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle long-term or our 16-week Diabetes Prevention Program to help you improve your health and reduce your risk of diabetes.

Sign up today to turn your healthy thoughts into healthy actions with Noom!

Partnering For Success
Noom works with a wide range of payers, providers, and employers to help them deploy our personalized yet scalable solutions:
• Self-insured employers
• Health Plans
• Providers

Contact healthcare@noom.com for more information!
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