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Truck Games

Truck Games

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

You can easily access various Truck Games just with this app. You can not play them on our app, you should install. Our app enables you to access, select and install easily. In android market, there are plenty of games, and it is difficult to find the right game among them. With this collection app we have created a category offering you an alternative way to search games. The access of the app requires internet connectivity.

Truck games is a collection app including simulation, driving, parking, and racing and everything related to truck. We follow new releases and most popular and include into our comprehensive game list.


- Ease of access and installing
- Free, paid, and star categories
- New releases and most popular truck games
- Daily update
- Similar games recommended
- Best games chosen by the editor

What's new?

- Game reviews are added so you can gain insight into the games.
- You can write your comments about the app and games in speech bubbles.
- Game trailers and walkthroughs are added to indicate how to play.


- All truck games in one app
- Ease of access to the latest and the most popular truck games
- Friendly user intarface design

About the games on our list:

1 - Various monster trucks to modify and customize
2 - Some of the 3D truck parking games including racing game elements
3 - Challenging laps to complete
4 - 3D truck simulator games with realistic controls and great dynamic gameplay
5 - Controls with on-screen steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals
6 - Free driving modes to feel speed
7 - Hill Climbing games to drive the powerful monster truck on bumpy mountain terrains and dirty roads
8 - Military trucks, army trucks for battle racing games
9 - Crazy big trucks for crazy adventures and thrilling journeys
10 - Rally races with toy trucks
11 - Physics-based driving and racing games
12 - Different racing tracks like highways, asphalt, muddy, or icy roads
13 - Farm truck racing game in the countryside
14 - Big impressive farm trucks to carry more loads in your trailer, to get as much of your harvest to the market place
15 - Intuitive control with speed changing pedals

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