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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

'HAMMER' is a SMART RC and you can control this RC with your smart phone and smart devices.

'HAMMER' has a high performance micro processor, so you can control various functions and micro controls.

Feel various fun and extreme drive with SMART RC.

01. High performance micro computer
32bit 370Mhz CPU can process large amount of data and video streams.
Also this high performance processing power makes 200 steps of speed control.

02. Real-time video stream
HAMMER supports real-time video stream.
You can control 3 different video resolution and 4 different filters based on contrast and brightness.

03. Video recording and Photo shooting
Transmitted video can be recorded on you smartphone.
Maximum record time is 5 minutes.
For iPhone, use snap short photo application to check photos, and use itunes to check your videos.
For Android, use any photo app and video player to check your photos and videos.

04. Omnivision camera module
Hammer has omnivision camera module for better performance.
Omnivision is #1 in camera module and also used in iPhone.

05. 2,000mAh Ni-MH Low self discharge battery.
HAMMER uses eneloop type low self discharge battery.
Less than 10% self discharge rate per one year.
So, you can play HAMMER anytime you want, if you have charged battery before.
Don't worry about discharging.
It's Safe and Green energy battery.

06. High speed charger.
It charges 2,000mAh battery in 4 hours.
Safe and faster than other chip charger.

07. Control with any smart-devices
Hammer supports multi touch and Gyro sensor.
It has various interface options.

08. iOS & Android support
Hammer supports iOS(iPhone, iPad) and Android(android phone and pad).
It supports all kinds of smart devices.

09. Easy connection and settings
Simple and easy smartphone connection interface, just same as connect to home Wi-Fi

10. Wi-Fi channel settings
If other Wi-Fi interference is high then you better change Wi-Fi channel to avoid that interference.
Hammer supports Wi-Fi alliance recommended channels to reduce interference.

11. Record & replay your play.
You can record your driving and replay it with your HAMMER.
Record your best driving and replay it and share it with your friends.

12. Light controls
You can control headlight, emergency light and direction signals.

13. Precise speed control
Hammer has 200 steps of speed control.
You can control your car very slow speed to fast speed as you want.

14. Limit maximum speed function
Based on your playing environment and your control abilities, you can limit maximum speed.
We recommend to reduce maximum speed when you drive HAMMER indoor place.
Also children are recommended to reduce maximum speed for safety and prevent product and furniture damages.

15. Cruise control
Support cruise control driving.
Just control direction only after set cruise speed.

16. 8 suspensions
HAMMER has 8 suspensions, 2 for each wheel.
It reduce shocks and damages, strong at off-road.

17. Excellent elastic tires
Great feature of Monster truck, big and elastic wheel makes amazing driving function.

18. Differential gear
HAMMER has differential gear same as a real car, it makes stable and balanced driving.

19. Make a your own car name
You can set a car name.
Change car name and make it unique car.
Also change password not to share your car with others.

Sensitive Permissions Used By This App
Permission What Why
Connect and disconnect from wi-fi Can connect to and disconnect from Wi-Fi access points It appears this app uses this data for internal use within the app's functionality
Modify or delete the contents of your usb storage Can write to your phone's USB storage Not analyzed yet
Full network access Can access the internet Not analyzed yet

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