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Top Race Manager

Top Race Manager

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Top Race Manager is the best online racing manager game!

- Create your own team;
- Compete in a league with 19 other teams and follow the races live!
- Setup your car, participate in auctions and hire the best drivers and staff;
- Buy new and improved components for your car and make it unbeatable!
- Improve the facilities of your autodrome;
- Earn money and tickets by signing contracts with sponsors, selling television rights and winning races;
- Upgrade and compare with your friends!
- Experience the excitement of TRM and become part of our community!

Top Race Manager is the result of years of hard work and development. Its aim is to share its passion with millions of other people for racing, competition and the entire world that revolves around the engines.
The players will compete with new people every month, over 15 challenging circuits with different characteristics, and at the end of the season the rankings will decide who will go to the next level and who will be demoted.
Players will have to manage all aspects of a team, from buying vehicle parts to participating in auctions for the best drivers and team members. The auction are made more difficult by happening around the clock and require smart use of your tickets.
Players will have to setup the car before qualifying and the races, and at the end of the championship, only the best will be able to win the title of world champion!
Create affiliations with other players to win the constructors' championship and earn millions!
Who will get to level 60 to become the world champion of Top Race Manager???

If you like F1 or you are passionate about sports management games .. attention causes addiction!

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