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100 Codes 2013

100 Codes 2013

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

100 Codes 2013 - Hidden Object Games. Did You Find It?

Challenge puzzle and word games 100 doors. Get ready to TEST YOUR WITS! Apps to watch.
New room escape free game with multiple tasks:open the door using your intuition and math logic. Open 100 door codes!
100 Codes 2013 is 100 floors logic style game where you should complete missions by solving original puzzles and challenging enigmas.Brain trainer escape challenge will test IQ, memory and attention. This is a puzzle game with many levels.Animal puzzles, mathematics learning riddles, geometry shapes brain teasers, famous paintings brain games etc. Take into account all the details and guess the number.

100 Codes 2013 brain & puzzle escape the rooms features:
- Various themed enigmas for players of all ages;
- Well developed frequent update game;
- Exciting guessing game.

100 Codes 2013 is the hardest game ever! Become an escaper, open 100 doors using the hidden objects and hints. Complete 100 missions and find 100 exits. Many mini puzzles are waiting for you! App highlight that is recommended for you. Enjoy!

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