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Love Struck

Love Struck

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Yes – we designed this app to do exactly what you think -- to give you the power of Cupid, right on your phone. Want that hottie over there to fall head over heals for you? Just turn on Love Struck and let the app do its work. Love Struck uses audio vibrations specifically tailored to trigger areas of the brain associated with love and attraction.

Love Struck is idiot proof. If you want to attract a girl – you push the girl button and hit play. If you want to attract a boy – you push the boy button and hit play. If you want the app to work in the background, non-stop – push repeat. That’s it! It doesn’t matter how loud or low your volume setting is. In a noisy room? No problem. Love Struck is designed to work subconsciously, like pheromones. Even in a bumpin’ bar, all the brains near you are zapped by Love Struck.

Skeptical? We tested Love Struck vigorously with beta testers of different genders and ages. Based on overwhelming positive results, we know it works! While it won’t turn those around you into a herd of mindless zombies, all our beta-testers reported that they got more attention while using Love Struck. One of our beta testers even said, “When I turned it on it was like a crazy frenzy of emotions coming from the guys next to me. It was like – bam!”

Use Love Struck in school, at the bar or coffee shop, anytime you want a little “extra help.”

Guys, if you are on a date and have Love Struck on, but are eating some huge, messy sandwich and get lots of junk stuck between your teeth – there’s no app that can fix that. Same goes for you, girls. You still have to do what you do – look the part. While Love Struck is not designed to override everything else and force someone to fall in love with you, we have confidence that it is the most powerful tool you can use to make people crazy attracted to you.

Everyone – by using Love Struck you are promising to use this app only for good – and never for evil!

How It Works

We all know that certain things attract and un-attract people from one another. For the most part, we’re attracted to others by what we see, what we smell and what we hear.

The way a person looks or dresses can attract. Ever wonder how it is that you think someone’s face is crazy gorgeous, but your best friend just doesn’t see it? A person’s facial structure – even certain types of clothing may appeal to one girl or guy, but look ugly to another.

Certain perfumes or colognes can smell amazing on a person but reek on someone else. Some girls are attracted to one guy’s sweat after a hard workout at the gym, while other guy’s sweat smell will send her sprinting to the bathroom to hurl.

A girl or guy’s voice can attract too. Guys – you ever speak to a girl whose voice makes you crazy attracted and you have no idea why? Girls – you ever talk to a guy and completely forget what he’s saying because his voice made you imagine what it would feel like if he just pushed you up against the wall and kissed you? That’s not by accident. It’s how our bodies work. Everybody’s senses are different. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the truth is, beauty is in the eye, nose and ear of the beholder!

Love Struck is designed to attract people near you using the power of sound. Just like a person’s voice may have the power to attract, so may certain sounds. These sounds don’t have to be able to be heard by you – just by your brain. You know you can’t hear the sound of a dog whistle, but a dog can hear the dog whistle? Think of Love Struck like that. It’s not meant for your ears – it’s made for your brain. Certain sounds may actually affect the way your brain chemistry works, and Love Struck is made to operate on that level, behind the scenes, helping you to attract.

If you’re really interested in all the science behind it, like our Facebook Page and read all about it! We didn’t want to stick long pages and pages of sciency sounding stuff here.
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