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Follow Me (Requires Instagram)

Follow Me (Requires Instagram)

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App Description

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Follow Me – See the Location of Instagram Posts
With Follow Me, you can search for Instagram posts using a map, instead of using hashtags! Simply go anywhere in the world, push and hold down and instantly you will see all the pictures and videos in that area. With Follow Me, you can see exactly where and when an Instagram post was actually posted.

How Location Can Get You More Followers
Seeing the location of popular posts is one of the tools you can use to target liking Instagram posts with high visibility. By liking posts with high visibility, you enable more Instagram users to find your account, to like your posts and to follow you.

Location Location Location
Location is everything! Say there’s a big celebrity event. You know where the party is taking place, but everyone is using different hashtags. You want to find the most important Instagram posts from that party, like those posts and follow those Instagram users so that your account becomes more visible. No problem! Just push and hold down on the map where the event is happening and instantly see every post in that area.

Get More Followers
We do not give you automatic follows or likes. Instead, we provide the most powerful tool to like many posts from other Instagram accounts very quickly. We also provide you with the ability to follow many users quickly. The more posts you like and the more users you follow, the quicker others will like your posts and follow you back. Through this proven method, Follow Me can also help you get more Instagram followers. It's that simple, and really awesome.

User Feeds
See user feeds and see who's following them and who they are following back. With our map feature you can see where users are when they post to Instagram.

How Do I Get Started?
Simple. Download Follow Me, link it to your Instagram account and start using our awesome map feature, where you can search the globe and see people posting to Instagram! All you have to do is push to hold down anywhere on the globe and you’ll see Instagram users in that area. Red pins show you the whole area feed, purple pins show you the individual Instagram user’s picture posts and green pins show you the individual Instagram user’s video posts. Follow them so that they can follow you back!

Time Machine
Now you can go back in time up to six months and search the globe for Instagram posts from a specific time and date. Yes, really!

Map Range
Now you can specify the radius that you want to search in miles or kilometers. Go out as far as three miles or down to 1 tenth of a mile. This is really useful when you’re checking either a big city or a very unpopulated area and you want to get the most relevant posts possible.

Keep a running tally of every place you’ve searched (you can always erase it if you choose to). This way, you don’t have to keep typing it in to the search bar or zoom in and out of the spot you want to search.

Save Your Media
Now you can save any Instagram picture or video directly to your device without having to screenshot your screen and crop. Simply click "save" and save it all right to your device.

Users to Follow Back
Quickly check to see who's following you that you haven't followed back yet.

Auto Follow
With our unique auto follow feature enabled, you will automatically follow back any Instagram user that follows you through the Follow Me app. If you're picky about who you follow, you can disable the auto follow feature and check the Users To Follow Back page to see what Instagram users have followed you that you have not yet followed back. From this page you can choose who you want to follow and you can follow them back right here too.

Happy exploring!
Sensitive Permissions Used By This App
Permission What Why
Precise location (gps and network-based) Can use user's precise location Internal
Full network access Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for internal use within the app's functionality
Find accounts on the device Can use user's account information stored on the phone Not analyzed yet
Modify or delete the contents of your usb storage Can write to your phone's USB storage Not analyzed yet
Approximate location (network-based) Can use user's approximate location Not analyzed yet

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