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Mexican Newspapers

Mexican Newspapers

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Mexican Newspapers is an application that groups the most important newspapers and magazines in Mexico together. With this application you can have all the information you want in one place, without having to browse to each of the news sites you wish to visit.

You can read in your devices the next newspapers and magazines:


◉ El Universal
◉ La Jornada
◉ Debate
◉ Milenio
◉ Excelsior
◉ Proceso
◉ SDP Noticias
◉ Reforma
◉ Publimetro
◉ La Cronica
◉ El Sol De Mexico
◉ La Prensa
◉ Uno Mas Uno


◉ El Siglo
◉ Aristegui Noticias
◉ Sin Embargo
◉ El Informador
◉ El Deforma
◉ El Diario
◉ Uni Radio Informa
◉ El Norte
◉ Animal Politico
◉ Chilango
◉ Plano Informativo
◉ Vanguardia
◉ El Imparcial
◉ Uniradio Noticias
◉ Expreso
◉ El Siglo De Durango
◉ Zocalo
◉ Noreste
◉ Tiempo
◉ Nayarit En Linea
◉ Quadratin
◉ Diario De Yucatan
◉ Tabasco Hoy
◉ Periodico Correo
◉ La Voz De Michoacan
◉ El Sol De Puebla
◉ El Dictamen
◉ Cuarto Poder
◉ Diario de Chiapas

Economics and Politics:

◉ El Financiero
◉ Expansion
◉ Forbes
◉ El Economista
◉ Dinero En Imagen
◉ Alto Nivel
◉ Lideres Mexicanos
◉ Fortuna


◉ La Aficion
◉ Mediotiempo
◉ Record
◉ Espn
◉ Cancha
◉ Esto
◉ Estadio Deportes
◉ Ovaciones
◉ Monkey Motor


◉ TV Notas
◉ El Grafico
◉ Caras
◉ Harpers Bazaar
◉ Hola! Mexico
◉ El Informador Farandula


◉ Es La Moda
◉ Vix
◉ Vogue
◉ Glamour Mexico
◉ Fashion Blog Mexico

The logos of each newspaper or magazine are the exclusive property of the same. Mexican Newspapers only use them in order to be recognized by readers who use the application, to access the information they want.
The app logo is the exclusive property of Mexican Newspapers developers.
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