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Burger Maker Crazy Chef

Burger Maker Crazy Chef

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Burger Time! Dozens of Delicious & Wacky Burgers & Groovy Chef Gadgets! Flip & Fry Perfect Patties, Make Homemade French Fries, Add Cool Toppings & Crazy Buns! Decorate a Fabulous Table, Play Waiter in a Restaurant & Eat ‘em!

It’s the Burger Maker Crazy Chef! Kids get to play hamburger chef and make some homemade, fantastic burgers and french fries. With dozens of toppings and buns to choose from as well as sauces, cheeses, spices and condiments, this epic Burger Maker Crazy Chef app is fabulous!

Choose your hamburger meat and grind it up. Then add spices and special ingredients to flavor your patty. Every hamburger needs some french fries, so we’re gonna get busy with some homemade french fries! Chop up the potatoes and pick your shape - funny faces, crinkly or zig zag - you choose.

Now it’s time to flip & fry your hamburger patty, but be careful not to burn the burger! A happy face will appear when it’s perfectly cooked. After the hamburger is ready, kids will make a batch of fantastic french fries. Then it’s time to choose from 30 buns for the burger - silly faces, cool designs and crazy shapes makes these buns super special. Sauce up the hamburger with loads of options. And choose from several drinks.

Getting hungry? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Kids will serve up yummy food at a restaurant. Get ready to feed kid customers at the restaurant and some dudes waiting in a car. Make sure you wipe their faces, burgers can be messy! You can also gobble up your own hamburger.

What’s Inside Burger Maker Crazy Chef:
✔ Make burgers from scratch, grind up the meat, add & mix the ingredients and make into patties
✔ Choose from 10 toppings
✔ 5 types of sauces
✔ A Crazy Chef Happy Face thermometer tells you when your burger is ready
✔ More than 20 awesome burger buns including a cat face, alien, and robot
✔ Set a fancy table to eat your burger: 6 types of drinks, a dozen plates, more than two dozen napkins, 17 glasses, 29 toys and more!

Features inside Burger Maker Crazy Chef
✔ Grind up the meat
✔ Chop up the potatoes for french fries in a machine by tapping a finger
✔ Touch & drag to mix up the ingredients for the burger
✔ Paint feature - Spread sauces, including ketchup and mustard by moving your finger - like painting!
✔ Put the hamburger on the fryer and flip until the Happy Face thermometer says it’s done - cook both sides!
✔ Move the potatoes around in the deep fryer for perfect french fries
✔ Turn on & off all the devices - the fryer, potato chopper, the grinder
✔ Watch ice added to your beverage
✔ Restart button to eat your burger over & over again

The Burger Maker Crazy Chef app is an awesome way to get kids in the kitchen and interested in cooking.

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