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Brain and Puzzle: All in 1

Brain and Puzzle: All in 1

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Introducing Brain and Puzzle: 40 mind-bending puzzle games in just one app!

Brain and Puzzle is a brand-new game designed for puzzle lovers and perplex thinkers! With 40, unique built-in games, you can be entertained for hours on end as your mind works in overdrive to complete the puzzles and challenges.

Brain and Puzzle features thousands of difficult levels - each one testing your brain in new ways and pushing your mind to it’s limit. With favorites such as Flow Connect, Match Up Blitz and more - Brain and Puzzle is the most addictive and feature-rich puzzle game on Google Play.

Keep your brain trained whenever you are bored and set yourself new challenges to conquer - Brain and Puzzle keeps you on the ball with a wide variety of games to play wherever you are; on the subway, in the comfort of your home or at 36,000 feet... literally anywhere!

Brain and Puzzle is an all in one game that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you solve over 100,000 puzzles from the palm of hand. Undo and redo moves or get a hint if you are stuck - our free puzzle game is challenging yet ridiculously fun!

With just a few taps, you can jump into a plethora of mystifying games with new additions that will simply have you wanting more! Earn hint points whenever you complete a level - to use later in the game!

- Ad-free and completely free!
- Over 100,000 great levels with 40 different games!
- Some of the best games around, as-well as some exciting newcomers.
- Built-in color blind mode.
- Thousands of puzzles in the palm of your hand!

1. Flow Connect - complete a flow and fill all of the spaces.
2. Flow Bridge - use your ingenuity to connect dots whilst using bridging tactically!
3. Connect Dots - connect dots of the same color and solve difficult challenges.
4. Crystal Flow - can you complete the crystal flow?
5. Connect 7x7 - connect seven identical squares to win the game!
6. Flow Branch - blend and flow and complete the grid.
7. Bust and Flow - this game is all about patience and choosing your options wisely!
8. Connect odd Dots - connect blue and red dots in straight lines!
9. Flow Blocked - complete the flow whilst avoiding the blocked squares!
10. Touch Dots - start the two lines moving and get the dots to touch!
11. Glow Dots - complete the path but don’t overlap the lines!
12. Match Up Blitz - move gems and clear the board.
13. Block Buster - tap to bust blocks and clear the grid!
14. Flow Cube - Make the cube flow with colors in this three-dimensional game!
15. Dots and Boxes - create boxes and compete to take the most in this classic game!
16. Shuffle Dots - shuffle the dots, match the sides but avoid identical colors!
17. Flow Bend - use the bending block to complete complex flows!
18. 4 in a Row - this classic game is now in the palm of your hand!
19. Power Flow - rotate lines to provide power to the city!
20. Connect It - cover the board with pipes without overlapping!
21. Move the Box - match the same colored boxes by moving it clear out all boxes from board.
22. Tic Tac Toe - the classic game of matching zeros and cross.
23. Connect All - connect the colored number dots in ascending order and fill up the board.
24. Color Stack - make the stack of colored blocks.
25. Light Out - turn out all the lights.
26. Line Sweeper - draw a closed loop of line.
27. Unblock - slide out the yellow block from the box
28. Box Flow - fill the board by colouring each cell to the specified number
29. Connect - intersect each dots with the line
30. Block Puzzle - arrange blocks in the box
31. Link 5 Dot - match 5 dots diagonally, vertically or horizontally
32. Color Swap - match the colours and fill all over the board
33. Pipes - let the water flow by connecting pipes
34. Reball - arrange the balls to clear it out
35. Sliding Flow - slide the blocks to make a flow
36. Connect 'Em - connect the dots as labeled in the circle
37. Clear the Block
38. Hexic Flow
39. Hexic Flow Blocked
40. Hexic Flow Branch

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