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Octopus vs Shark

Octopus vs Shark

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

The Octopus vs Shark is highly addictive game application in Google Play Store. The easy concept of the game that makes the octopus vs the hungry shark a relax game but fun. You can enjoy this aquatic adventures game without stress or pressure. Just tap your screen device then you can control the shark to survive.

In this octopus evolution vs shark game, you have to take control the shark movement. Help the hungry shark to survive by eating other fishes. The more you help the shark to eat, the longer it will survive in this action packed adventure series. More points will be collected every time the shark eats the fishes. Then you can challenge yourself or your friends to collect the highest points collected in this game app.

The Octopus vs Shark game app is an interesting and fun game packed. The main characters in this game app are the Red Giant Octopus and the hungry shark. Other character is the little cute gold fish. With the beautiful undersea scenery, turtles and colourful corals, you will not feel boring playing this game.

In the deep blue sea world, it is now conquered by the octopus, The Red Giant Octopus. The octopus evolution made them so powerful. The Octopus is The King of the undersea world. All aquatic animals will avoid from meet up with this wild and dangerous creature. They will easily killed by this evolution octopus. The hungry shark also will avoid from meet up with this animal.

While hunting for food, the hungry shark will swim in the deep blue sea to search for fresh fish. The shark will avoid from meet up and killed by octopus. Octopus is a very strong and powerful enemy. It is a very challenging for the shark in the undersea world to survive.

How To Play the Octopus vs Shark Game:

+ Just tap your screen device to let the hungry shark swim to the above.
+ If you did not tap your screen device, the shark will swim to the bottom of the sea.
+ Avoid the shark from touched and been killed by the Red Giant Octopus.
+ Do not let the shark from crashing at the deep blue sea floor.
+ Help the shark to eat the small fish. More fish you eat, more points you will earned.

Main key features of Octopus vs Shark application:

+ Console quality, 3D graphics
+ With dramatic music sounds
+ Simple and easy touch or tilt controls for the game
+ Facebook social features for you to share with your friends
+ Easy and fun game for kids or adults to play

Download the Octopus vs Shark game app now from Google Play Store and share with your friends via Facebook, Whatsapps or any other social media.
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