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SlotMania - (8 Slot Machines)

SlotMania - (8 Slot Machines)

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Download today and we will give you a bonus of 1,000 coins for your slot machines!

SlotMania is a collection of high quality Slot Machines for your android device. The list of slot machines include: Flaming 7s Slot Machine, Diamond Slots, Cherry slots, Pharaoh slots, Kalahari slots, 4th of July slots, Jungle Slots and Bonus Slots. With our slot machines you can now you can gamble on the go.

Our slot machines were created to give the user the most fun and realistic gaming experience. With our stunning high definition graphics and no load times you can play your favorite slot machine anytime and anywhere.

- All our slots offer free gambling, no need to ever pay for coins
- Multiple slot machines to choose from
- Progressive jackpots
- Random bonus for playing the game
-In-app purchase bonus like double payouts and increased jackpots
-Random jackpots
- High score leader board, see who has the highest scores
All our casino slot machines feature progressive payout systems if you're lucky enough to hit it! They also feature bonus icons that will double your payouts and give you 5 free spins. Our slot machines allow you to actually win coins and we will never force you to have to buy more coins to play.

Other slot machine features include swipe down at any time to see the payout list. Submit your slot machines score to the high score list. You can also retrieve your slots machine score if your phone resets. Some of the slot machines offer bonuses like 5 free spins or a 4th bonus reel.

With multiple machines to choose from your gambling experience will never be the same. We're always working on multiple new slot machines as well so new machines are added all the time. We offer a wide range of slots so just pick the slot machine that is right for you. Our slots offer things like jungle themes, USA themes, red white and blue, cherries, fruit, jackpot, diamonds, lucky and so much more.

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