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Sheep Vs Goat

Sheep Vs Goat

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

"Great Angry Birds style but with superior game play! 10 stars!" - www.TheTopAppPreviews.com

"The most fun and addictive game for android to date" - www.Apps-Touch.com

Sheep Vs Goat

Its time to slaughter the sheep and the farmer is coming to take them away, but the Sheep have other ideas.

In Sheep Vs Goat you must take control of the sheep and use them to push the goats into the trailer to be slaughtered instead of the Sheep.

Use the touch screen to swipe and fire the Sheep around the screen.

The longer the swipe the more power you build up.

Can you complete all of the challenging levels?

Its time to take on the addictive and fun...
Sheep Vs Goat

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