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Gamepad Joystick MAXJoypad

Gamepad Joystick MAXJoypad

App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Play PC games and emulators using your Smartphone or Tablet as gamepad, joystick or racing wheel.

-Unique recording game input system for combos, buttons, special actions and moves sequences (Macros).

- Complete Gamepad Profile Management that allows players to create setups for many type of games.

- Connection Management with automatic Wifi configuration besides IP manual setup and Bluetooth support.

- Multiplayer up to 4 players for you to play with your friends simultaneously.

Video demos:




The MAXJoypad platform edition is free for basic Gamepad features. Advanced features and goodies are able to be bought and enabled right in the App.

*** This version is for PC games only and not for consoles. ***.


- Software server and driver optimized to achieve best communication performance between Android App and PC which allows a real gamepad emulation.

- MaxJoypad driver allows the App to be recognized as a real gamepad for Windows.

- Use the device sensor to turn your smartphone or tablet in a racing wheel.

- 3D button skin interface that mimics a real gamepad look and fill.

- Wifi and Bluetooth communication support.

- Setup of specific network parameters such as the IP address and ports although MAXJoypad App is able to scan and to do network setup automatically on Wifi mode.

- The Macro feature turns gameplay experience easier and uncomplicated for beginner and pro players. It allows to record special movements and gameplay actions and associate that with Macro buttons.

- Gamepad profile management feature which enables players to disable undesired buttons or configure its behavior like the press and hold mode.

- Multiplayer up to four players

- Custom gamepad profiles that allow multiple combined inputs like Keyboard, Gamepad and Mouse.

- Xbox 360 controller emulation through x360ce.

- It does not require administrative privileges for running server software on Windows.

- Installation package and driver signed digitally for safety.

- Quick server and driver installation.


- MAXJoypad server and driver are compatible with Windows 7 32/64bits or higher.
- Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher.

Setup instructions:

Download the package bellow and execute it on your Windows PC/Notebook:


Case you do not see server interface running after installation take a look at MAXJoypad icon on the Windows system tray. Click with right button on it and select "Settings..." in order to show up server connection setup interface.

For more information or issues reporting check out the contact page: http://maxjoypad.com/#contact

Check out our Website: http://maxjoypad.com/

Have a great play!!!
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