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Quiz Me - What Animal Am I?

Quiz Me - What Animal Am I?

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Do you like animals? Are you an expert on the entire animal kingdom? Prove it with Quiz Me – What Animal Am I, one of the best animal games ever! “What Animal Am I quiz” shows you an
“animal picture” and four possible answers. It's up to you to choose the correct answer! Observe carefully and think fast! Prepare for an exciting ride through the labyrinth of quiz questions about animal kingdom and all animal wonders of the world. This quiz game with animal pictures may be a piece of cake for you, but it may also turn out to be the hardest game in the world, an impossible game even. Test yourself, show everyone how smart you are, and in the meantime learn something new. Download for free Quiz Me – What Animal Am I, a fun quiz game about animals of the world, and enjoy exercising your mind!

✔✘ 5 levels of difficulty in endless questions and answers quiz
✔✘ choose one of the offered answers and do it fast, the clock is ticking, beat it
✔✘ give the answer quickly and win extra points for being fast
✔✘ be careful not to make three errors in a row or else you'll have to start over
✔✘ try to collect as many coins as you can, and you can buy an extra try when you make three mistakes
✔✘ log in with Facebook and win free coins, check the leaderboard and beat the high score

Are you ready for a real animal jam? Prepare your eyes for an abundance of animal pictures and make sure you recognize them all! Surely you will recognize species like fox, cat, dog, hamster, tiger, jaguar, monkey, scorpion even wolverine. But do you know how a chinchilla looks like? How about komodo dragon, capybara, elk and mongoose? What's the difference between salmon and barracuda? Do you know how salamander looks like? What about the difference between ram and sheep? What animal are you? If you like to play picture quiz games, you will love the quiz questions and answers in this game. Which one is leopard and which one cheetah? Choose the right “animal pictures” and be quick.

This knowledge quiz will be quite a challenge for your wits. With this free animal game you will learn animal names you have never heard of. Do you know what is ibis, caribou or rail? Do you know the difference between cobra and viper? What are emu, alpaca and loris? What' the difference between alligator and crocodile? How about hedgehog, sea urchin and porcupine? Make a quizduell, challenge your friends and compete against each other in general knowledge quiz about animals. Picture quiz questions and answers have never been so intriguing. General knowledge questions in this “picture quiz” might make an “impossible quiz” and an excellent brain trainer.

Become the ultimate connoisseur of the animal kingdom and exotic animals! The best brain gym for every quiz wiz out there awaits you with a free download of the brainiac test. Knowledge is power, and with these tricky questions you will feel a real adrenaline rush answering questions about animal wonders of the world.

If you like brain teasers, riddles, mind games, you are smart and you like questions about interesting facts, this is the right game for you.
Download Quiz Me – What Animal Am I now for free and have fun playing!
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