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Planet of Cubes Survival Games

Planet of Cubes Survival Games

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Welcome to Planet of Cubes - the ONLY SURVIVAL Real Time Multiplayer block building game with thousands of players online in the MASSIVE open world made of cubes and blocks. Planet of Cubes is a FREE game for the whole family: adults and kids, boys and girls! Download the best free game right now!

Search for new friends in the Spawn Zone. Add them to the Friends List and move forward to explore massive cube world!

Create your own team and build your base with friends to survive and protect yourself from monsters like zombies and spiders, creepers and skeletons, army of hostile players and fighting teams. There are many blocks, textures, crafting items. Grow plants, breed animals, and create your own live farm! Hunt on animals for meat, or grow seeds.

Find and mine resources like coal, ore, gold and diamonds. Dig, destroy and mine blocks. Craft various tools, create different blocks, food, brew potions to progress faster. Master weapons, armor and shooting weapon to survive in the battles with other players and mobs to win the battle wars.

Chat globally with players around you or start private chats with your friends only. Teleport to any friend instantly using scrolls.

Customize your character by selecting your unique skin from 160+ available skins inside 7 themed skin packs.


Mine, craft and discover an endless world of cubes on a huge planet. It's easy to create, multi craft and delete blocks, fly in flight mode, jump, move around the blocksworld and save your own buildings.

A huge selection of blocks and texture packs will make your game even more fun. Start building with a few blocks, and then build your huge empire. Rent your own areas (CHUNKS) of this beautiful Planet made of pixel cube and start your fun joy today. Chat with other players globally when you building.

Cities and megalopolis, house and kingdom, township and civilization, town and village, fortress and skycrapers, pixel art and many other exciting maps and places are waiting for your exploration lite. Make multicraft mini games with puzzle games, like parkour, pvp, pixelmon, hide and seek, deathmatch, sandbox evolution.

Planet of Cubes mmorpg gives you infinite number of possibilities and endless potential for all your survival and creative adventure needs in the global mobile online games.

• 2 modes: Survival Multiplayer and Creative Multiplayer
• Unlimited number of players playing in the Infinite Massive Open World
• Survival Online Mode in the Massive Open 3d World with Friends
• Friends List. Private chats and instant teleports to any friend
• Ruthless Hunter and Warrior: Craft weapons and armor to fight and survive on the survival island, in the forest, and on the planet
• Amazing miner: Collect resources, build a house from cube, built city
• Epic Shooter: Shoot from the bow, explode TNT, kill with a diamond swords
• Fun Animals: pigs, cows, rabbits, and many others
• Dangerous Monsters: zombie, skeleton, spider, creeper, slime and others
• Happy Farmer: A large amount of food, seeds and plants
• Mage and wizard: Brew potions and Potions in real time Multiplayer
• Creative Online Mode the Massive Open World with crafting and building
• Rent your own areas ( CHUNKS ) in Creative mode
• Cool Explorer: Endless amount of beautiful 3d construction and places made of cubic to explore
• 160+ skins to choose for your player
• 7+ themed skin packs
• One Planet. One Adventure. One Massive Multiplayer Real Time Fun Simulation!

Download free games from Google Play Store and play this popular MMO sandbox simulation games with one endless universe. Best choice for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Planet of Cubes Survival Games with FREE Simulator is not an official Mojang app. This free game is not associated or connected with Mojang AB and its Minecraft - Pocket Edition (MCPE). Minecraft pe is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of Minecraft or its licensers.
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