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Mojitsunagi Free

Mojitsunagi Free

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Put your Japanese to the test! Can you find all the words before time runs out? Find longer words to increase your score even faster!
When you’ve got the confidence, play against your friends via Bluetooth or the world on the Internet!


●Time Limits and Board Sizes:
Play against the clock with an assortment of time limits. Choose unlimited and race against the clock to find all the words as fast as possible! The fastest person wins!
You can also select from three different board sizes. From a small 4 by 4 board to a large 6 by 6 board, the choice is yours.

●Bluetooth Multiplayer:
You can enjoy Mojitsunagi with your friends via Bluetooth! After registering your friend’s phone as a Bluetooth device, you can easily connect to your friend’s game. Settings set on the phone hosting the game are used.

●Internet Multiplayer Quickplay:
You can also play against people over the internet via Internet Multiplayer Quickplay! The host of the game selects whether to use their own settings, the other player's settings, or randomly mix-and-match between the two!
*The ‘Unlimited’ time limit option is unavailable in Bluetooth and Internet multiplayer.

●Beautiful Themes:
Twinkling stars glow and the moon passes by in the space theme. Purchase Mojitsunagi to get two more themes!

●Guidance Mode:
An easy-to-follow guidance mode is available to help you master the game in a matter of minutes.

☆Important Points☆
There is a known deficiency in the Bluetooth equipment on the Samsung Galaxy S. If you experience problems in Mojitsunagi when hosting or connecting to games on this device (like quitting multiplayer unexpectedly), please try turning Bluetooth off and then on again before playing Mojitsunagi.

☆Most Important Point!☆
Have fun!!

Sensitive Permissions Used By This App
Permission What Why
Full network access Can access the internet It appears this app uses this data for internal use within the app's functionality
Pair with bluetooth devices Can connect to user's Bluetooth devices Internal
Can connect to user's Bluetooth devices It appears this app uses this data to enable features like connecting with other players or share game content through Bluetooth
Access bluetooth settings Allows applications to discover and pair bluetooth devices. Not analyzed yet
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