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Cut In Slice Free - Kids games

Cut In Slice Free - Kids games

App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

For Everyone one kids, boys & girls!
Cut in Slice is fun & puzzle brain game so once you slice it you just can't stop cutting in slices.

Unlike Fruit Ninja when you cut the fruit into halves here you Cut the shape up to max in minimum slices keeping the ball within. If you like brain & puzzle games like cut the rope then this is must for you to try!

CUT IT UP and cross all levels to unlock achievements and put your score on leader board.

Sound smooth? initially you feel that its easy, but soon you'll be finding it difficult to slice into by avoiding obstacles.

----------How to play-------------
Swipe you finger across the given shape.
Watch out for the objects moving inside the shape
Level is over if collision takes place with the objects
Try to take the Gold coin for maximum score by cutting n slicing with minimum cuts

No DOUBT! You are going to spend plenty of time and challenge yourself in FREE addictive slicing game!

Immensely entertaining for kids, both boys and girls!

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Disclaimer: This free app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray and/or home screen. The required permissions are just for ads.

Download PRO version completely Free of Ads.

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