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푸른 루돌프 이야기 테마–naver blog theme

푸른 루돌프 이야기 테마–naver blog theme

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

The Story of Blue Rudolph– naver blog theme
 Christmas comes to Naver Blog!Feel the calm and peaceful Christmas night with 'The Story of Blue Rudolph' theme on your blog

How to apply the Theme on your blog
- First of all, update the Naver Blog App tp the latest version (2.0.26)
- Choose the 'The Story of Blue Rudolph' theme in Naver Blog App > Settings > Theme

Please leave your inquiry on NAVER Customer Center (m.help.naver.com/mail.nhn) in case a problem occurs while using app. Please note that an accurate access and answer to your problem cannot be possible if you are only leaving comment on the review. (Email inquiry: navercc@naver.com)

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