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Spanish English Translator

Spanish English Translator

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Nglish by Britannica – A free Spanish-English dictionary, translator and English learning app. Learn English the fun way, on your own time and on the go!

Nglish is a free Spanish-English dictionary translation and English language learning app from Encyclopedia Britannica and Merriam Webster. This interactive app features a comprehensive Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionary, complete with word and sentence translation, grammar and common errors quizzes, image and spelling games and vocabulary flashcards.

The app also includes a personal My Zone area with customizable word list quizzes and more. English dictionary look-up results also include synonyms, example sentences, related phrases, tips and audio pronunciations by native speakers.

Also, you'll earn while you learn! Collect coins and use them for valuable upgrades.

How Nglish can help you learn English vocabulary:
√ Just type a word, phrase or sentence in Spanish or English and get its English or Spanish translation – no need to choose a language!
√ Easily grab text from other apps and “share” to Nglish for an instant translation.
√ Translate any term by voice dictionary search.
√ Expand your vocabulary with quizzes and flashcards. Track your progress through different levels and learn over 1,000 words and terms.
√ Practice your English vocabulary through image and spelling games. Identify the image and spell it correctly. Use hints if you need assistance.
√ Improve your English skills with quick quizzes in different topics such as Grammar, Common Errors and Jargon quizzes
√ Take personalized quizzes with words you choose to practice.
√ Save your words and access them from any device online.
√ Sync your personal wordlist and progress at with the Nglish web site at
√ Use advanced tools to prepare for essential tests such as ESL, EFL, TOEFL, and TOEIC.
√ Share translation and quiz scores with your friends.
√ Choose your user interface (Spanish / English)
√ NEW! Upgrade to remove ads and increase your personal word list.

Additional features
• Word of the Day: Our editors carefully select and send you a new word or expression every day.
• Autocomplete in English and in Spanish: When you start typing, the app will automatically suggest relevant words or phrases in English and Spanish.
• Spell Check: Automatic spelling corrections for any words you misspell.
• Reverse Translation: Tap any English word within the search results to get its Spanish translation.
• Built-In Review Cycle: Automatically saves your quiz errors and dictionary look-up history to your personal word lists for further practice.
• Full Text Translation: Translate full or partial sentences from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.
• Collect Coins: Earn virtual coins throughout the English learning process and use them for upgrades

The app was developed in collaboration with Merriam-Webster, America’s leading language authority.
Nglish won the MediaPost Communications 2015 Appy Award in the Reference category

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