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Hungry Frog

Hungry Frog

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Here comes another awesome and mind-thrilling app for children by Nata Kids known for its vivid graphics like in Thumbelina cartoon. There are lots of frogger games out there, and you may even have tried a few ones, like Pocket Frogs. This one will be sure to surprise you still. Your child will be very excited to explore the magical new world with an adventurous and very hungry ninja frog. Besides being right in the middle of action, helping the froggy get its belly full of yummy insects, your kid will be learning about this toad's diet and behavior. While the kids game itself is very easy for any age child play, it offers juicy colors, vivid graphics and realistic sounds. Your baby or toddler will be able to engage deeply with the froggy fresh activities and hold concentration for longer, developing better hand-eye coordination and even certain strategic skills!

If you read "Thumbelina" or enjoyed the free cartoon movie telling the story of the pretty frog princess, this engaging pond fairy tale is a must-try. Check out the pretty setting, smell a lily and begin your feast! This froggy fresh game is quick to master and enjoyable to play. It all comes down to helping a little peace frog eat insects flying around. The frog is sitting on a lilypad and can only use its long sticky tongue to catch the desired type of insect. At the beginning of the toddler game, the frog has 3 lives and 30 points, but as time flies by, it has to get nutrients from the insects around, earning new points and making sure the lives of toad do not run out. Some insects are safe to eat, while others can hurt the hoppy froggy, making it release a funny "Ouch"!

The safe yummy insects are worth 1 second each and can bring you a different number of points for tinky tale. There's a midge (15 points), a green fly (20 points), a moth (40 points), a firefly (40 points), a bee (30 points), a dragonfly (15 points) and an elusive grasshopper (100 points). Beware of the mean insects though - a wasp gives you 100 points (and 2 seconds!), but only if you manage to roll out the sticky tongue before getting stung. The bumblebee is to be avoided throughout the game, as trying to make it part of the frog's diet results in one life lost.

What a brilliant way to entertain your child while teaching him or her some crucial skills! The memory is trained when your little player has to remember which insects can be safely eaten and which ones are to be avoided. It takes a certain degree of dexterity and hand-eye coordination to reach the right kind of insect with the sticky tongue, earning points. Strategic skills are also developed as your child tries to decide whether the hungry hoppy frog should aim at this or that insect, targeting the most "profitable" ones from the bunch. Apart from those impressive skills the game can help develop, the graphics are just mesmerizing, and the sounds of a bustling pond could not get any more realistic.

No matter if your child is a Frogger fan or not, this game will surely become a new favorite. But beware - you may be requested to read "Thumbelina" at bedtime quite often and will be surprised at how much kids can learn about the life of insects and toads by simply observing.

After you play this awesome frogger game, be sure to check out other fun games by Nata Kids.

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