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My School Girl Dress Up

My School Girl Dress Up

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Have you got your new school wardrobe ready? If you want to be sure you'll flaunt some super chic school outfits, of the latest fashion trends, on the schools hallways, you'd better take the my school girl dress up game as your ultimate fashion guide and you can be sure you'll have no rival for the title of the trendiest girl in school!
This sweet looking school girl here has carefully selected only the most chic, loveliest school clothes and loveliest accessories to style them up with for the upcoming school year opening! Just take a look at her super cute, chic pleated miniskirts, her lovely ruffle miniskirts and cool asymmetric skirts and try pairing them as stylishly as possible with nice bow-tie shirts, precious strapless tops and baby doll blouses, then get inspired by our little fashionista's jewels and shoes collections, too! You'll see, the my school girl dress up game is full of great style tips and tricks when it comes to accessorizing your chic school outfits and taking them out of anonymity! Style up her looks with some gorgeous beaded necklaces and lovely earrings, then start looking for the perfect ballet flats to complete her school looks with! Since even at school a real stylist should look flawless from head to toe, don't forget to choose her a chic hairstyle, too, playing the my school girl dress up game, some cute pony tails or maybe a new vivid color for her hair to boost up her confidence for the first school day this year! Now, some lovely, candy-colored school accessories would be so practical and very chic, too, to personalize he school outfits with, don't you think?
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