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Meteor Deluxe Lite

Meteor Deluxe Lite

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Powerful breakout (arkanoid). Many power-ups, various balls, weapons, hostile robots. Fullscreen graphics.

Demo brick breaker has 10 levels, full block breaker has 120 levels

DPAD, trackball and touch controls

Pocketgamer.com bronze award:
"Meteor delivers the brick breaking game you expect, with enough care put into its development to ensure there's nothing left wanting. Retro and casual gamers will find plenty to enjoy."

iphonecommunity.org article about Meteor arkanoid:
"Meteor is a game that draws upon elements of many other games that we have all played before. The combination of them yields an amusing result."

"There are 80+ levels, which is impressive. Smartly, the devs included a menu that lets you choose between 9 sections of these levels, inc case you get fed up with where you currently are. There is a nice variety of power ups as well. So this game could possibly be played for."

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