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Monster Math – Free Math Game

Monster Math – Free Math Game

App Description

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Learning elementary math is fun and fast with Monster Math 2, the educational game that helps kids learn over 40 math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division!

Monster Math is suited for kids Grade 1 – 5, with standard math presets aligned with Common Core mathematics standards. Educational games are designed specifically to improve math skills such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in kids. Learning in Monster Math is fully customizable with math games to suit your child’s aptitude, letting you move between advanced and basic math skills with a quick tap. Track your kid’s education with detailed reports and weekly email round-ups!

Kids will uncover a thrilling storyline, explore new worlds and await new characters with bated breath – All while they are getting better and faster at math!

Monster Math 2 Features:

Math Games and Tutorials for:
• Addition
• Subtraction
• Multiplication
• Division
• Monster Math’s multilevel system is designed to guide struggling kids towards the right answers

Kid’s Education and Learning Game
• Learning games for kids to improve math and reasoning skills
• Kid’s games engage and educate with beautiful graphics and fun gameplay
• Become Maxx and rescue your best friend Dextra from the clutches of evil monsters in an engaging storyline

Math Games Filled with Adventure
• Learning games assist kids with math skills and problem solving
• Mathematics adapt and adjust difficulty depending on your child’s progress

In-Depth Mathematics Reporting
• Learn how your child is doing with the Common Core Standards for math
• See which math areas your child needs help in, and know what skills they’re good at
• Get a skill-specific analysis, and weekly email updates

Education for Kids Wrapped in an Engrossing Storyline
• Get kids learning across 4 unique Worlds
• Storyline with 23 fun characters
• Kids will love the precise gameplay and numerous interactive features
• All new artwork and soundtrack
• Defeat monsters with the power of math!

Math skills your child could be learning with Monster Math 2:

Addition & Subtraction
• Addition up to 5, 10 and 20
• Subtraction up to 5, 10 and 20
• Two-digit addition without carry over
• Two-digit subtraction without borrowing

Multiplication & Division
• Multiplication Tables of 1 through 10
• Division by numbers 1 through 10
• Multiplication of single-digit numbers by multiples of 10

Monster Math 2 offers learning games for kids to improve homework and math scores. Its fun educational games, engrossing story and adaptive learning approach makes it a superior alternative to homework or planned lessons. Math lessons are designed to quiz kids on multiple mathematics skills at once, and guide students towards improving their math skills. Education through Monster Math is designed to be faster and more through than simple flash cards!

Download today and find out why kids and parents love Monster Math!

Monster Math 2 concentrates on Common Core Standards: 2.OA.B.2, 3.OA.C.7, 3.NBT.A.2, 3.NBT.A.3

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