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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

First anniversary publication .
I has been increased to five courses .
You can now play with Bluetooth. ( You can set a match of only course2 . Opponent if the paid version , You get invited to play against all courses )

More of the device sound to sound out violently.
In the initial state , will sound to sound out . To select [OPTION] from the title , please uncheck the [Default Running Sound] . Instead of sound will come.

Method of Bluetooth match.
1 Select [VS HUMAN] in title
2 Touch only the other first , the upper-right hand corner of [pairing] , and the pairing with the device of the other . If the person you were paired once , this operation will not pass in the future.
3 One select [Create Race] . device of the paid version , you can choose various settings and course here .
4 Other one Select [Entry Race]. And choose the device of the one.
5 screen will change , start choose the color of slime .
※ When not connected , please try to Select the [Bluetooth Reboot] .

Currently , I prepare for five courses . Race for three laps the course .

※ Please warn the person you want to upgrade from 1.x.
I have abolished the ( mode running at only player ) TIME ATTACK mode . Replay of the previous will also be invalid .

※World Record mode! ( using the function of the game service of google play)
World rankings! . Whose hands the title of fastest ?

Computer will compete as a competitor . First of all , I choose the opponent . Among them , the course of each
There is a slime that is the owner . If you win it , allowing you to select the next course .
In addition , (select ALL SLIME) You can also play against at the same time as the slime of multiple . Following and in first place in this case
I will be able to select courses .

If you update the fastest time , replay will be saved . In addition , I can entry to the world rankings in that time .

My Record
You can data and race the fastest time of his , able to see the replay . The paid version , you can see the replay saved data .
And you can be an entry by sending to the world ranking of the fastest data here .

Method of operation
Manipulate direction tilt the device .
If you touch the accelerator mark , on the left when you touch the mark of the right , you can use up to three times the nitro of 3 seconds .

※ When you release the accelerator , slime will slip . You can a variety of using it .
• The rush to the corner to change the direction while sliding , easily will you turn also sharp curve .
· I use immediately after the nitro , when you release the accelerator , go slipped while maintaining the momentum to some extent . This is an important technique .
• Even downhill , who you release the accelerator , will accelerate rapidly .

Please refer to it and select " DEMO " in the title screen , since it is seen demonstration play .

The difference between the paid version
You can set the Bluetooth match only course2 . In the course of all , paid version , can be a variety of settings .

Used in the development (OS 4.0.3), Sony XPERIA SO-01C and (OS 2.3.4) device ASUS TF101 you have confirmed the operation , test .

I do not take responsibility even if any damage occurs by the use of this app .
It does not take .

Sensitive Permissions Used By This App
Permission What Why
Pair with bluetooth devices Can connect to user's Bluetooth devices Internal
Access bluetooth settings Allows applications to discover and pair bluetooth devices. Not analyzed yet

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