Dount Addition and Subtraction

Dount Addition and Subtraction

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*Learn and have fun with “math thinking and mixed practice”. *
*Start with games; enjoy joyful high school time again.*
*Meet the challenge and have fun with making robots. *

Addition and subtraction are the must-learn math in kindergarten,
and one of the content in the entrance examination to primary school.
This game is designed for kids to learn the mixed practice within 10.
The game will be set in the world of robot learning environment,
and obtained themes of summation from the simplest within 5 to upgrade within 10, a total of five levels.
Questions of each level will be increased from less to more.
As children complete all challenges,
they can gradually master addition and subtraction methods and increase mathematical ability.

Content overview:
Addition: how much is 2+3? 9 plus how much equals 10? Think about it, let’s meet the challenge.
Subtraction: how much is 10 minus 5? 6 minus how much equals 1? How much minus 4 equal 3?
Meet the challenge and find different robot parts.
Robot factory: in robot factory, you can see many parts of robots,
which would help you make a robot out. Make the robot, and share different background atlas with your friends.

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