Bike Race : GrandRide NXG

Bike Race : GrandRide NXG

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App Description

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Bike Race : Best Death Race Game Ever.
Tanks,military jeeps, Humvee all fully loaded and firing in all cylinders.Bullets are flying.Missiles are launched .Bombs are thrown at each other. Its time for Action .
One man .. One mission .. Reach the final frontier and get your men ready. The war has begun .
Do you have the guts to Race through the city , Fire bullets ,missiles and bombs to blow some tanks , military jeeps , Humvee one the way , then take on your super bike , load it and speed it through the highway to save your frontier. Reach your frontier before they do and warn your men. The war has begun .

"GrandRide NXG One of the best Games Iyanagames has developed."
" Amazing visuals, immersive game play , firing of bullets , missiles and bazooka makes you feel that you are right up there in the battle field. "
"Race to save your frontier."
"High speed game play ,that keeps you glued to your device."

1. High speed game play.
2. Can select as well upgrade your superbikes to increase speed and performance to race through the city.
3. Can buy bullets , missiles , bombs , bazooka to increase your survival.
4. Blow Tanks , military jeeps , Humvee to get extra scores.
5. Race and Reach milestone distance with high speed to increase score and earn money.

** GrandRide NXG is a wonderful ride , we strongly recommend you this.- Editors Pick -Iyana Entertainment **

** GrandRide NXG is so powerful and breath taking roller coaster ride- Mac team Iyana**

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Lets go for the race , death race.

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