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Hit Wicket Cricket Champions

Hit Wicket Cricket Champions

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Enjoy 2013 Champions League Cricket! 12 Champions league cricket teams from 2013 are included!

★ Brisbane,
★ Chennai,
★ Faisalabad,
★ Kandurata,
★ Highveld (Lions),
★ Mumbai,
★ Otago,
★ Perth,
★ Rajasthan,
★ Hyderabad,
★ Nashua (Titans),
★ Trinidad & Tobago

Looking for free cricket games on Android? Look no further. Hit Wicket Cricket is a Free Cricket Game for android based on strategy, probability and luck. Batting and Bowling require just a simple tap of the screen. Act as the team manager and change the batting and bowling strategy to influence the outcome. Apply power-ups to tilt the odds in your cricket team's favour.

Play Cricket for your favorite West Indies cricket team. Select your home team and lead them to caribbean domination. Enjoy several modes of cricket game play including 5 over, 10 over, and Twenty20 cricket formats and Friendly, Group, Finals, and Head-to-Head modes.

Hit Wicket Cricket is a modern take on book cricket, pencil cricket, and pub cricket: popular timepass games that we played as children that are based on probability and luck.


Fantasy Cricket
✔ Fantasy teams from all teams that participate in the Champions League.
Several Modes of Cricket Game Play
✔ 5 Over, 10 Over, and Twenty20 cricket formats
✔ Tournament Mode: Friendly Stage, Group Stage, Finals
✔ Head-to-Head Mode: Play any team vs. any team in any match format

Incredibly Easy Game Play
✔ Batting and Bowling require just a simple tap of the screen
✔ Use strategy to control aggression, and power ups to tilt the odds in your cricket team's favour
✔ Great game to teach a child or kid about cricket.

Quick Game Play
✔ Play an entire Twenty20 match in 15 minutes!
✔ Play a 10 over match in 10 minutes
✔ Play a 5 over match in 5 minutes

Loads Quickly
✔ Loads in seconds and gets you playing quickly

Total Timepass
✔ Optimized for one-handed play. Play cricket while commuting, in a boring meeting, or while watching a live game


In aggressive mode, batsmen take more risks
* Increased odds of outs, 4's, & 6's. Decreased odds of 1's & 2's.
* Score more at the risk of losing wickets

In defensive mode, batsmen make less risky choices
* Decreased odds of outs, 4's, & 6's. Increased odds of 1's & 2's.
* Score less while conserving wickets

Reduce odds of an out by avoiding aggressive mode when a length or pace delivery is anticipate
* Typically after 3+ normal deliveries
* A pace delivery is noticeably slower
* A length delivery visually has more bounce


For each batsman, bowl at least 4 normal deliveries each length or pace delivery to catch him off guard
* Increased odds of an out. Decreased odds of a run.
* For lower run-rates and possibly an out

The higher the normal to length/pace ratio, the less a batsman expects a length or pace delivery
* Higher odds of an out. Lower odds of a run
* For more outs and lower run-rates
* Try bowling 6+ normal followed by 2 length or pace deliveries

If you bowl a length or pace delivery too frequently, the batsman will anticipate it
* Increased odds of a run. Decreased odds of an out


Is your favorite game Cricket T20 Fever 3D, Cricket WorldCup Fever, IPL Cricket, English County Cricket, or Stick Cricket? These are some of our favorites too! As you probably experienced, there are times when it’s not ideal to play these games; mainly because they have slow game play and require two hands to play. That's when you will love to play Hit Wicket Cricket. It's optimized for fast game play and single hand play, making it easy to play while commuting, eating lunch, in a boring meeting, or even during class.


Thoroughly tested on all devices from the Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy mini to the Nexus One, Nexus S and even on the new tablet Nexus 7.

This game is not affiliated with the BCCI, ICC or any of its associated teams.

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