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Monster Dash

Monster Dash

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Gun? Check! Rocket Launcher? Check! Ability to leap over giant cliff edges while wearing a cool blue suit? Umm… check!! Join the brooding badass Barry Steakfries as you sprint your way through a giant, endless trail of blood, bones and monster guts!

From flesh-eating zombies to fart-filled mummies, there’s never a moment in Monster Dash where your gun isn’t blazing. Do you have the guts to sprint headfirst into an endless stream of menacing monster mayhem as you dash along a trail riddled with monster blood and bones?

From rocket launchers to SMGs, the perfect gun for you awaits! With a giant range of cool weaponry to harness, this endless dash should provide many blood-spilling opportunities!

This is a decadent and dark endless arcade game that not even the cartoon scientists from Jetpack Joyride had the guts to follow Barry into! Are you ready to sprint through the teleporter and rocket through to a world full of monster guts, blood and bones?

●A range of cool, menacing monster foe to face
●Rocket, zap, slice or gun your way through the treacherous trail littered with bones
●Turn your enemies into ghosts with the badass vehicles which are bound to rocket you through to the next dimension
●Sprint through the level while completing the giant selection of challenging missions on offer
Collect cool, cartoon charms to boost your stats. Strategise your dash, your way!
●Dash your way to the top by beating your high score in Arcade Mode!
●Level up your character and earn cool new boosts
●Earn medals as a reward for your blood, sweat & tears!
●Sprint through the level, picking up items as you go! The machine gun jetpack is sure to leave a giant, endless mess of blood, bones and monster guts behind you!


This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device.
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