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Brave little lion

Brave little lion

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App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

You are Raaka. Escaped from the circus you are caged in. Lets run to the our homeland-the wondrous jungle of Africa. "Running through the muddy ditches and thorns dodging enemies, lets befriend an elephant and take a ride. Hopping from the elephant's back lets catch an eagle and fly about. The manager is no stupid, he sent agent to catch us. But we are smart lets slap them just to humiliate, super-roar to deafen them. Lets jump the ditches so we shall not fall and catch the rope we ride tall."
Raaka! Run to the Jungle is an exciting free run and jump game. You will feel like as if you are on a jungle safari running at great speeds. It is a free HD game.
The hero is a lion cub captured from African jungle. The kid yearns to see his homeland again. In the circus, he feels as if he is captured in the prison of a castle. One night seeing everybody asleep he escapes from the circus with some toys. By morning the manager realizes and sends the agent to catch him. The agent dash through the city towards the jungle. The agent hires caveman, a safari hunter, a tribal and a joker on the way. By now Raaka has covered the old city and entered the jungle. He has to really dash through his way now. He fails to see the river in front of him but he can swim and turns up on the other side. Now the agent appears. Next appears the safari hunter. Next the caveman. At one stage, they all rush towards him and it really turns into a stampede. He has to use his powers to overcome them.
The powerups in this game are-
Super Claws
Super Jaw
Mighty Roar – When he gets this powerup , he gets angry and roars mightily at the enemies. Hearing the roar, the enemies chicken out and start running away.
Bad Breath
Rope Trick – Jump and catch the rope. When any enemy appears, jump on his head. Again jump and catch the rope.
Stick – Run with the circus stick, jump and attack the enemies.
Invisibility craft
Turn into a huge lion – From baby lion, he becomes huge and creates a stampede like atmosphere. Drive fear to the enemy.
There are 4 different scenarios in this game:
2. Jungle
3. Market
4. Village
In the upcoming version there will be a bonus scenario called rail rush wherein Raaka can sit on buggy and collect 5 times more gold.
In-app purchases in this game are:
A sack full of gold
A chariot full of gold
A ship full of gold
A plenty temple vault full of gold
Collectibles in this game are:
You can buy more gold from the Plenty vault of the temple.
The enemies are a caveman, a safari hunter, a tribal and a joker and an agent of the circus. They are equipped with guns, shot guns, javelins and net. Run and jump on their heads to hit them.
To replenish his life he can hunt deer, hunt goat or hunt a bunny (4 animals)

Coming up in next version (Great powerups to unleash hell)
Calling up the Rain
Calling up the thunder
Flying with the eagle – fly instead of running.
Elephant – hitch-hikes an elephant to dash through the jungle
Jetpack Ride – hires a rocket to dash through the jungle.
Bike- circus bike to dash through the jungle

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