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GALAXY S5 Experience

GALAXY S5 Experience

App Description

The following description comes from the Google Play Store description of the app:

Samsung GALAXY S5 Experience App provides interactive introduction on GALAXY S5
and Wearable Devices(Gear2 , Gear Fit) with 4 different categories such as Camera / Speed / Fitness / Life.
Find out everything about the GALAXY S5's amazing features through this easy to use GALAXY S5 Experience App

GALAXY S5 Experience App Structure
1. GALAXY S5 Feature Experience mode
- Interactive experience modes offered in an intuitive way
2. GALAXY S5 Hands on Video
- Video clips of key features (linked to YouTube)
3. GALAXY S5 Design Preview
- Experience design with different colors and angles
4. Wearable Device(Gear2 and Fit)
- Introduction of Gear 2 and Fit main features
5. GALAXY S5 Accessories introduction
- Introduction of GALAXY S5's key accessories

Device Supported : Android Smartphone(4.0 or above)
800x480 Resolution
1.0 Ghz CPU

Samsung GALAXY S5 Experience App doesn't support tablets

- Gear2 / Fit Experience
- Accessories
- Intro Video
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